Wood and Monogram Resin Cutting Boards

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Mother's day just passed and this year I decided to give my Moms something besides flowers.  I've been having fun with resin and decided to try to engrave some wood cutting boards and do a resin inlay.  I setup the design in Aspire and started with some fancy capital letters to v-carve.

Monogram Design

The designs carved in the wood pretty easy.  Next up I went to fill with resin. I chose Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast resin over my normal Alumilite Slow.  It's not a very big pour but Alumilite slow cures fast and bubbles are hard to manage without a pressure pot that I can't use on a cutting board. Amazing Clear Cast cures in 24 hours. I'd like faster but I really wanted smooth.  My original plan was to use a syringe and inject it precisely in the v-carve.  The resin was too thick for my small syringes so I ended up doing an overfill.  In retrospect it probably worked out.  

Vcarve Monogram

After it cured I used the CNC machine to plane it down.  I then used a rotary sander and went from 80, 120, 180, 220 to 320 grit.  I was actually surprised how easy it was to finish.  I coated the whole thing teak oil and it worked out pretty well.

Two Monogramed Resign Cutting Boards

The second design was a Gamecock for my USC grad wife.  Same basic process but a little more work because it was done in two colors.  I did the two colors together and sanded just like before.

Gamecock Cutting Board Engrave.  Finished Gamecock Cutting Board

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