Mother’s Day Gifts!

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Mother’s Day is coming up and like everybody else I need to give out gifts to the very deserving moms in my life.  I wanted to make something that was unique, memorable and most importantly usable throughout the year.  Family photos and photos in general are alway precious to most moms.  So, I decided to gen up something to uniquely display the photos.

I’m etching the photos onto 1/8” thick acrylic.  I just started using Lightburn software and I have to say its a HUGE upgrade over RDWorks.  The software makes converting images into a laser engravable format a breeze. Image that previously would have come out very pixelated now etch crisply.  

Ideally, I want large images with at least 300dpi but I can work with images at 72dpi.  I still use photoshop to get the images into Grayscale mode, invert and adjust contrast for better engraving.  But I’m not longer using unsharp mask or converting the images to bitmap in photoshop.  I’m letting Lightburn handle that.

You can see the results below.  Not perfect but I’m pretty pleased and I think any mom would be happy to display them.


Lighted family photo     Battery powered lighted family photo

The signs are battery powered and can also have custom text or shape.  Contact me if your interested! 

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