E-11 and IB-94 Blaster Mounts Now Available

Posted by Chris Carpenter on

I finished two more blasters and had to make to two more mounts. The E-11 stormtrooper blaster and Mandy’s IB-94 pistol.  The IB-94 is a Rubies repaint. I’ve had it laying around waiting for a repaint for quite a while.  I tried a few new techniques with this one.  I initially filled the plastic Rubies blaster with sand to give it some weight. It worked surprisingly well and it now how a good feel in the hand.  I also used alcohol ink on the grips to give it a wood look. You apply the alcohol ink in drops and use a brush to streak it.  The IB-94 mount is available

IB-94 Star Wars wood blaster mount

The E-11 is also another project that’s been waiting quite a while for completion.  It’s using Simple Blaster OS.  I installed an animated scope display, ammo counter, Neopixels and mode select.  I used a new technique on this one as well with graphite powder to give it a more metallic look.  It’s a simple thing to brush it on but it works really well. You can purchase the E-

Close up of E-11 blaster on wood mount

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