Unicron Sound/Light Details and Kit Options

Posted by Chris Carpenter on

A number of people contacted me expressing interest in a kit of the sound/speech mod I did for my Haslab Unicron. I'm open to the idea but I wanted to first explain the details of how the mod is installed.  I posted a video to make it clear:


I think the most important thing to understand is that installation of the electronics requires you install the upgrade kit to split robot/planet modes.  It's not super hard but I know a lot of people are sensitive about mods to their purchases.

That being said if there is still interest, I can design a case for the electronics. You would still also need to remove the rear panel on the maw to install the LEDs.  

For those interested in a DIY option the code is in my other blog post and you source the electronics. The kit would likely be around $200. If you are interested in a kit reach out to me through this site or contact me via social media. Thanks!

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