The Chaos Bringer Unicron Speaks

Posted by Chris Carpenter on

"A ginormous weird lookin' planet just showed up in the suburbs of Cybertron."

I got my Haslab Unicron and it is awesome!!! But it doesn't speak.  I really love Orson Wells voice as Unicron, even if he didn't.  So, I'm going to make my Unicron speak.  

Unicron Speaks

Below is a test run of a setup I'm working on.  I'm planning to separate the planet ball from Unicron and inside mount the electronics.  The goal is to use addressable WS2812B LED to light Unicron's maw.  I will also have a DFPlayer MP3 player connected to a Adafruit Circuit Playground Bluefruit to play the Unicron quotes.  In the end it should play the quotes and the LEDs should flash in sync with the sound.  All of this will be tucked inside Unicron and controlled via an iPhone or Apple Watch via Bluetooth.

 Lots more info in the second blog post!

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