G540 Enclosure and CNC Computer Station

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I've had a CNC machine for over 10 years. This is actually my second machine.  The first was a small machine that I mainly used for cutting foam.  The first control box I built was a mess and I built it in a plastic container. It was poorly done and I won't even show a picture. I've been meaning to build a proper enclosure for my G540 and just redo my work space in general.   

First, I designed and laser cut a box for the G540.  My machine is from Avid CNC and I use the limit sensors they sell. Avid also sells panel mounted connectors for the sensor cables.  With those installed I can easily disconnect all the cables from the box.  I put in holes for the power connection, power switch, emergency kill switch, G540, sensors and one extra hole for when I upgraded to a software controlled spindle.  

Inside of G540 enclosure box

Back of G540 enclosure box

I think it took more time for cable management than it did to wire everything up.  I wanted the wiring to be neat and easy to access.  Its not perfect but I think it came out nice.

I've been using old refurbished mini office PCs to control my machine for years.  The dust is pretty hard on them so they only last a few years. Since I'm only running Mach 3, I decided a small fan-less PC would probably last longer and definitely take up less space. I purchased one off of Amazon with Windows 10 preloaded. I didn't have any problems getting Mach 3 or my UC100 adapter to work with Windows 10. The PC is velcro mounted on the side of my workbench.

I also ordered an arm mount for my monitor so I could push it back out of the way and save more space.  I bought a wireless keyboard & mouse and built a slide out tray for them that tucks away neatly.  I also built magnetic mount on the front of the. bench so I can easily access the wireless pendant.

AVID CNC Workstation

Here's a quick video of it all.  

Overall, I'm really pleased. If you are interested in building the box, I have a link to the DXF file below.

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