Acrylic Sneeze Guards for NASA

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I was recently contacted by NASA at Wallops Island VA to build some acrylic sneeze guards for their launch control room.  They have an upcoming launch and to minimize the chance of COVID-19 inflection, NASA wants to install sneeze guards between each of the control room stations.  

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak and the volume of businesses that are installing  acrylic protective barriers, acrylic sheets have become harder to obtain.  I contacted some local acrylic suppliers and managed to get an order of acrylic sheets.  

We settled on 36”x 36”, 1/4” thick clear acrylic sheets.  The bases were made from wood and slotted to allow the acrylic sheets to slide in for easy mounting.  NASA requested 60 guards to accommodate current and future needs. The wood bases are painted black and per the customer request, have Velcro on the bottom for mounting.

The final product was simple and functional.  CCHobby was happy to assist NASA in meeting a critical need in support of their space launch mission.

If you have a need for acrylic sneeze guards please contact us.

 Acrylic COVID-19 Sneeze Guard   36”x36” Acrylic Sneeze Guard   Acrylic Sneeze Guard with wood base

 Update: I received some pics of the sneeze guards installed at Wallops. Turned out well!

Acrylic sneeze guard NASA   NASA acrylic divider NASA

Control Room Acrylic Sneeze Guard NASA WallopsAcrylic Dividers NASA


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