Rokuhan Shinkasen Train Layout Part 2

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Continuing on from part 1, with my Rokuhan Shorty build, everything is almost done.  The box is built, the layout is installed and I have all the lights working.  The only thing left to do is the background image for the lid, install the train stop and tidy up the control box area.

Almost finished boxTrain layout in box

I 3D printed a box to hold both Shinkansen trains and a cover for it.  As its setup now the trains stay snug when the box is transported.  I added a chain to hold the box lid vertical when its opened.  The box hinges, latches and handle are all black.  It offsets the gunstock wood stain really well. 

Control box installed

The buildings are all painted and lighted as well.  I'm using a Lilygo TTGO screen to simulate a jumbo LCD screen.  I have scenes from The Force Awakens playing on it via some animated GIFs.  I printed a tiny movie poster to go on the sign as well. It's mounted on top of the white office building.  

Everything is still running on a rechargeable 9v 1000mah battery.  I've noticed that when I turn the lights and the screen on the trains top speed takes a hit. It's not a big deal because I tend to run the trains way faster than scale. So, this keeps me honest on the speed.  I also suspect that I'm not going to get a lot of run time when all the lights and screen are on. I think the Liiygo screen is the culprit.  Worse case scenario I'll add another 9v battery.

LCD screen running  More LCD screen

I'll post another write up when I get the last details installed.  For now here's a video of both trains running around the painted buildings withe the LCD screen and lights on.


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