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I've been working a lot with Alumilite to cast some cubes and also cast objects in the resin.  Its a lot of fun and produces some really cool pieces.  I like to imagine its my homegrown "carbonite freezing".

I did a Teseract cube for my youngest son. Getting the blue dye transparent enough with the pearlescent powder mix is tricky.  I don't want it to transparent and I want the blue pearlescent powder to show as well. The first go is nice but I might try for some more transparency next time.

Teseract resin cube


Casting objects has been a blast.  My wife offered up a Hello Kitty toy.  I put it in a 4.5" HDPE casting cube. It turned out huge!  

Hello Kitty resin cube

I also did a couple of Star Wars ships in a smaller 4" silicone mold.  I got the height wrong on the Tie Bomber.  The Mandalorian Guantlet fighter came out pretty good.  I really like the look of the ships over the burl wood.  Gives a nice outer space feel.

 Tie Bomber in resin    Mandalorian Gauntlet fighter in resin

I'm going to cast some more and probably put some up for sale.  I'll probably turn some into spheres as well. Hopefully, I can keep them away from the kids and offer them for sale.

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