Lego Millennium Falcon Landing Pad

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After getting the Lego Millennium Falcon table built, I decided to build a landing pad.  Most people go for Docking Bay 327 from the Death Star. I decided to go with my favorite Star Wars backdrop, Bespin.  The scene where the falcon flies through the clouds to the landing pad at sunset has always been a favorite.  

I got the idea from a RPF build you can see here.  That one was a stand alone so I need to make some changes.  I needed the bottom to be flat so it would go in the table.  I decided to make it out of MDF. I wanted to use my CNC machine to make the cut easier but my machine has a max cut size of 48x24.  The diameter of the pad is 29" and its 40" long. So I split it in half.  I had the CNC machine cut the pieces out and engrave the pattern on the top with a V-Carve bit.

 Landing Pad Engrave CNC.  Landing Pad CNC

To get the proper height I stacked two pieces of 3/4" MDF for a total height of 1.5".  I then had to glue the stacked halves together.  After I glued the pieces I used a router bit to create the beveled edge on the top. I used a handheld router and went around the entire edge. I routed a slot in the bottom of the docking bay to for the wires to run. 

Landing Pad Glue.  

For the top edge of the docking pad I used door foam from Lowes.  I think it was half inch tall.  I glued it to shape around the perimeter. Then, I painted the whole thing a light tan color.

After that, I glued an led strip to the inside of the foam for the lights.  The lights on the strip were actually to dense. So, I used black paint marker to black out the unwanted lights to make the lighting effect closer to the movie set.  Worked out fairly well. The lights are powered by a 12v wall adapter and the wires run under the bottom of the landing pad and under the side of the table.

Landing Pad Trim Landing Pad LED StripLanding Pad LED Strip 2.   Landing Pad Paint

The pad has good heft and and is very solid.  With the lights, it looks fairly scale. Yes, its not made of Legos. I have seen plans for a dock like this in Lego.  However, I think the cost is crazy.  For my purposes this worked out well.

Lighted Bespin Landing Pad     Falcon Table Complete 


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