Hasbro E-11 Blaster Conversion With Simple Blaster OS Install

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My first install of Simple Blaster OS is going in a Hasbro E-11 conversion.  I’ve been meaning to do a E-11 blaster for while and just haven’t gotten around to it. I actually have two Hasbro E-11 blasters now.  The video below goes over the resin printed parts I’m using.  I really liked the old DoopyDoo kits but they are not available any more. Plus I wanted to get a bit more accuracy by resin printing the parts. So I’ve made some modifications to E-11 parts I’ve found online to both fit a Hasbro E-11 and accept the electronics.  

I also have a video showing the scope electronics installed.  It was definitely an easier install this time than the DL-44.  I used a much smaller screen and just put a magnifying lens on the end like most sane people. As opposed to using “cram-fu” to sand and force it in.  Works just fine with the magnifying lens.


I’m also adding a short video of the completed blaster with the ammo screen, kill/stun mode and scope animation.  I wanted the buttons to be well integrated in the blaster. The power button is hidden behind the ammo mag and just pop it out to turn on/off.  I drilled a hole in one of the detail features on the blaster and installed a flush mounted button for the mode change.  I used the existing trigger and just mounted an new micro switch behind it.  I wanted to use the existing switch on the internal board but couldn’t for the life of me find where to solder in.

This is also the first time I used graphite powder to give a gunmetal look to the paint job.  Here’s a link to the technique if you haven’t tried it.  I really like the effect and highly recommend it.  I’ll be using this on the blasters I make going forward.


Hasbro E-11 and converted blster  Converted E-11 blaster with scope and ammo displays


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