Molly Weasley's Clock Customized With Your Family Photos From Harry Potter -Lite

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This is a replica of Molly Weasley's clock in the Burrows from the Harry Potter novels. From

"inside the Weasley home we saw a most unusual clock. It didn't keep time or have an hour, minute, or second hands, but instead it had hands with a picture for each Weasley and told the status of each person, whether they were on holiday, in mortal peril, or somewhere in between. Albus Dumbledore commented that it was Molly's clock and that it was one of a kind."

Handmade Weasley Family Clock based on the Harry Potter novels. The clock will come with six hands. Each of the hands can hold a photo of your choosing. I can't make it magically turn the hands. However, the hands can be moved around the face manually to indicate the location of family members. This makes a really great personalized gift for you or the Harry Potter fan in your life. You can choose to have six photos you supply mounted or mount your own photos. There are six hands of the clock for six photos. If you don't have six just send the ones you have and I will send you the other hands without photos. You can add them later as choose more family and friends to display.

This is a simplified version of our other Weasley Family Clock

This clock does not have the full frame that the other does and can only be mounted on a wall.

The clock is approximately 10"x14". Clock is made from wood, metal pendants and metal clock hands. 

Please inquire if you would like a custom design.