Seafarers Stained & Engraved Wood Catan Compatible Board

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Custom set with a total of 63 tiles and 15 border pieces.  Set will include blue sea tiles and gold tiles in addition to the wood, grain, wheat, ore, sheep and dessert tiles.

The Grain, Lumber, Wool, Ore and brick terrain hexes are each engraved with a unique pattern.  The border tiles all have ship and wave engravings.

The numbers fit into the centers of the tiles and are easily moved for gameplay. The set comes apart and stores the same as the original cardboard pieces. The Baltic Birch is sturdy and will survive hundreds of hours of play.

The tile dimensions are 3.125" from flat end to flat.  3.625" from diagonal tip to diagonal tip.  The board dimension are 23.125” flat long end to flat long end. It’s 20.5” from flat end to flat end.

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