Custom Cut Name Sign Edge Lit LED Acrylic Sign

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These signs are the perfect way to express yourself in light and color.  Each sign will be cutout in the shape of the name that you provide.  I originally made one of these as a custom birthday gift for a customers daughter.  My wife saw it and loved it.  I figured others might like one as well.  

The signs are cut from 1/4” acrylic and edge lit by LED strips.  Each sign comes with an edge lit wood base with a lighted acrylic piece in the middle.  The signs also include a power supply.  You can choose to light your sign with either a single color LED strip or optionally choose a remote control.  The remote control can power the sign on/off, change colors, flash and fade.

The signs work optimally with names up to seven characters.  However, longer names can be accommodated but will require the font be smaller to fit the standard 11” size.  If you would like a larger sign please reach out and custom quote will be provided.