Organizing CNC Bits

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I have been doing a lot of wood and plastic cutting on the CNC machine for projects.  Over the last year or two I have picked up a number of different types of bits for different jobs.  Diamond drag cutter for engraving, compression bit for wood, multiple engraver bits and on.  I had been storing them in an old plastic container. 
Beat down CNC but holder


But that really isn't the best solution and I was always misplacing them.  So, since I have this nifty CNC machine that makes things, I figured I should make something to hold my things.  Turns out this was an easy project.

      vectric aspire cnc bit holder

I had some left over 1" thick premium pine scraps.  This is the perfect depth to hold the bits. I fired of Vectric Aspire and drew a round square with 1/4" holes.  I copied the holes in a spaced pattern. The whole design took about 5 minutes.


cnc bit holder wood     CNC wood bit holder   

I laid out my scrap wood and set the machine to cut it.  Viola!  Organized CNC bits 5 minutes later.  For all the effort I put into making other things, this should have been higher up the list.

You can get the .crv file here: bit_holder.crv

I'll also post the design up on Instructables and Thingiverse if anybody is interested.


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