Patapsco Valley State Park

Continuing on my quest to find cool scenery locally, I visited Patapsco Valley State Park.  Nestled halfway between Laurel and Baltimore, this state park offers hiking, canoeing and picnic grounds.  The park has a swing rope bridge over the Patapsco river, waterfalls and some pretty technical mountain biking.  Its pretty cool to be able to go far enough into the wilderness to loose cell signal and still be within 30 minutes of a major city.

I flew quadcopter to get aerials of the falls and trails.  I took pictures as well. They really don’t do the park justice.  Again, I think this is me feeling bad that I’ve lived near something this nice for years and have not taken advantage of it.  Now that I have though, I plan to return and do more hiking and exploring.

Patapsco  Valley State Park


The Patpsco river inside Patapsco Valley State Park.  To the right of this photo is the swinging rope bridge.  I had seen some kayakers making there way lazily down the river.  Sadly I wasn’t recording at the time.



Waterfalls Patapsco Valley State Park   Quadcopter Patpasco Valley State Park


A still of the cascading falls.  The hike to the falls isn’t long but its a long a narrow trail with a steep drop off to the left.  The hike up past the falls get steeper and the trail narrows.  I was really surprised to see mountain bikers on these trails.  They were up for the challenge though.  Also show is my quadcopter, laid out and ready for filming.

Trail Patapsco Valley State Park    Falls Patapsco Valley State Park


Here are some pictures of the trail the mountain bikes were on and a shot of some smaller falls feeding the larger falls.

I really had good time in the park.  I still didn’t make it to Bloede dam which is upriver because the trail was closed.  However, its on my to do list for next trip.



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