More LCD Jerseys!

Posted by Chris Carpenter on

Moving things along!  I have now made a Washington Capitals and Las Vegas Golden Knights jersey.  The Capitals and Knights jerseys use a vinyl protective pocket that will give better protection against water. 


Las Vegas Golden Knights LED jerseyWashington Capitals LED jersey

I went all out on the Knights jersey. It not only has the 64x64 LCD screen but also about 800 addressable LEDs connected to a WLED controller. It's also sound reactive. The LED can be controlled from your smartphone via WLEDs built in interface.

Sewing the pocket on the Golden Knights jersey More sewing on the Golden Knights jersey

The LEDs and screen can all be powered from a single power bank.  With the LEDs and the screen using a 20,000mah bank I get about 6-8 hours. With just the screen I can get about 10 hours.



This setup can be done for any jersey, sport or shirt for that matter. If you would like one made please contact us.  


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