Magical Wood Family Clock With Custom Photos

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There is a tale about a magical clock in a wizards house that allowed a very special witch to keep track of her children. Supposedly, the magical clock would move its hands and show the location of her family members. Obviously, this clock can't move its hands on its own but you can move them and pretend!

This is a handmade and stained wood clock that can be customized to show your family photos on each hand. The standard configuration comes with six hands and places for six photos. The hands can each be manually rotated to different positions on the face of the clock. You can choose to mount your own photos or choose to have your photos mounted.

The clock is approximately 10" x 14" and comes ready to mount on a wall.

If you want to have your photos mounted please message me on Etsy so you can send me the photos you want mounted.

Also, the clock can be made with more hands if you like. I have done up to nine. The text on the clock face can even be customized if you like. Lastly, there is even an option to have the top two hands operate as the hour and minute hands of a regular clock. Please contact me if you are interested in any of these options.

Please inquire if you would like a custom design.