Star Trek & Star Wars In a Bottle!

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Star Trek has a bit of history with starships in a bottle. In both the The Next Generation and Voyager you can find episodes where a crew member has built a starship in a bottle.  I wanted to try my hand at it but I'm also a Star Wars fan. So I built one of each.  I have an X-Wing fighter and USS Voyager in their own bottle. I printed some terrain to shape to go in the bottles as mounts for the ships.  Both are loaded up in beer sized bottles complete with corks.  The Voyager model already sold. The X-Wing is still available for sale here.

USS Voyager in a bottle X-Wing fighter in a bottle

Closeup of the X-wing

Star Trek Voyager in flight in its bottle

I'm going to be making more ships in a bottle. I have plans to put multiple ships in bottles and recreated some of my favorite scenes from both franchises.  Right now I'm working on an asteroid chase with the Millennium Falcon and some Tie Fighters.  Stay tuned!

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