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I'm posting an update on Simple Blaster OS.  A number of people have built it and some have had issues.  First, I'm a bit surprised to have gotten as much feedback as I have. So to everyone, thank you.  Second, several of you have correctly pointed out that there are some problems with the connections in the diagram.  I also think there were some problems with the DFPlayer Mini code but thats tricky. More on that in a bit.

First up the diagram. Some of the builders got it working but it didn't help that a few of the connections were out of order in the diagram. I have updated the diagram and I've also explicitly listed out the connection pins.  I've also setup the code in a Github repository.  That way any issues and updates can be tracked.  The Github link is  The updated diagram is below:

Simple Blaster OS Diagram


In detail here are the data pin connections:

(one pin of each button goes to ground; the other is signal)
Fire Button -Pin D8/SS (11)
Mode Change - D3 (6)

128x32 Ammo Display:
SCL - D9 (12)
SDA - D10 (13)

64x32 Scope Display:
SCL- SCL/A5/D19 (24)
SDA- SDA/A4/D18 (23)

DFPlayer Mini
RX - TX (1)
TX - RX (2)

LED Signal Pin - D11/MOSI (14)

The DFPlayer mini is tricky thing. At least for me. I typically use a library.  The problem is the manufacturers seem to keep changing the chip so that code you may have previously used no longer works.  I'm currently using DFPlayerMini_Fast.h .  So far it seems to work with all of the DFPlayers I have.  

Couple of things about the DFPlayer.  The files on the SD card need to be formatted a certain way.  There are several ways but what works for me is naming the folder containing the MP3 files 01.  The files inside the folder must have the first characters as 001, 002, 003 etc.  I only have five files so they are numbered 001, 002, 003, 004 & 005.  You can put whatever text you want after the first numbers.

The Github repository has the .mp3 files for the sounds as well.  You can change up the blaster sounds by swapping out mp3s of your choosing.

Here's a video overview:

Please let me know if this version works for you.

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