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With a lot of time on my hands now, I'm coming up with more creative ways to engage the family.  I purchased a set of Sabaac cards from Star Wars Galaxy Edge.  The card deck is cool but you can't really get that Sabacc experience with out some credits to make it lively.  I didn't want to use regular poker chips so I needed to make something that matches up.  

I started playing around with some ideas. The deck uses three suits. Triangle, square and circle.  I wanted to incorporate these into the design like traditional poker chips. The first go was OK. I laser cut it out of wood.  I tried some different stains and the effect just didn't quite work.

V1 Sabacc chips wood

I tried it again and came up with something with more of Star Wars vibe.  The prequel Coruscant always gave me a Art Deco vibe. I tried to channel some of that into the design.  I also decided to cut it out of transparent acrylic.  I did them in red, blue and green.  The wood looked pretty good as well.

Acrylic Sabacc Chips  Wood Sabacc chips

I play tested with the kids and it was pretty big hit. Of course, I lost.  Gonna have to get one of my Micro Machine Millennium Falcons to use as collateral. The Sabacc,chips are up for sale if you'd like a set. The are available in wood or acrylic.

Sabacc cars game 

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