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The Buffalo Sabres just recently brought back the famous black "goathead" jersey as a throwback.  I love this jersey. What better way to celebrate its return then by making a version with an LCD screen!  Yeah, I know thats exactly where your head went...  Turns out to be way easier than I imagined and I think one of the coolest things I've ever made.

This really just mounting an app controlled super thin 64x64 LDC screen on the front of a blank jersey.  Sourcing and getting the jersey setup was actually harder than setting up the LCD screen.  I just got some sheer black material from Joann fabric and some black heat press hem tape to attach it.  I'd show pictures of the process but there really wasn't much to it.  I cut the sheer material with about 3/4" border all around and attached it with the heat press hem tape.  I added velcro at the top so I could get the screen in and out.  Finally I cut a thin slot in the material to allow the USB cable to slide inside the jersey.

Jersey LCD screen    Screen outside of jersey

The final product has a pouch on the outside of the jersey for the screen. It can be removed by opening the velcro at the top.  The screen is powered by plugging power bank into the screen's USB cable.  The screen is controlled by an app you can download to IOS or Android. Its super easy to use. It connects via bluetooth and you can upload images or gifs of your choice. To date I have not uploaded an image. I've been having way to much fun with the GIFs.

Animated goathead logo

I first made a spinning goathead logo gif.  Then I made a smoking goathead video montage (can you tell I love the goathead??). Then I pulled a video clip GIF of the Sabres scoring.  The all show up well on the screen. Even the video clip of the Sabres scoring.


I wore the jersey to MAGFest 2023 this year.  Absolute blast!!! I put a Super Mario Bros and a Street Fighter GIF on the jersey to stay in them and it was big hit.  I'm probably going to make a Washington Capitals and Commanders jersey.  I'm considering making some custom sports jerseys. So if you are interested reach out on my contact form.


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