Han Solo's DL-44 Proffieboard Blaster Build

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I just finished up building a DL-44 blaster with a Proffieboard. I'm not even sure how this project got started, which is a weird thing to say.  I love Star Wars and I'm a huge Han Solo fan.  If you have never researched the DL-44 props history do it.  Even if you have no intention to build one its, fascinating and hilarious to follow the history of the prop.  It's based on a C96 Mauser but it changes from movie to movie.  My build is NOT screen accurate and is somewhere between a A New Hope hero and Star Wars a Solo Story.  I love the silver tipped silencer of a New Hope and I also love the brass trim on the scope from Solo Story.

Completed DL-44 and Plague

More than anything I wanted a working prop.  I still have fond memories of my A New Hope Solo blaster from the 70s. In fact, I had at one point converted that to a laser tag gun.  So, I decided to use a Proffieboard to simulate sound and light. I also found out that Proffieboard can be used to drive a scope display.  This is the part I spent the most time on.  Most people put a small 64x32 display in the scope and use a magnifying lens. I wanted a large 128x64 display. So that meant a lot of creative sanding on the scope and display to get it to fit.

DL-44 Scope Display

Then I had to drill holes for the wires and of course holes to mount the scope.  I used a Denix C96 replica and scope parts from a AW custom airsoft pistol. Again, not going for screen accurate.  I had to drill the holes in the gun to mount the scope and drill more holes for the wires.

DL-44 PartsDL-44 Electronics

The gun also has a small lipo battery and charge port with a plug to power it on.  I added a Solo quote at boot up ,blaster sound and stun sound.  I also added a second profile with a Optimus Prime blaster sound, cause why not?

More Electronics

Lastly after cramming all the electronics in I made a display mount. I really didn't want something metal and high tech.  I always liked the kind of run down Tatooine look. Galaxy's Edge at Disney really nails this look. So I copied that sign style for the mount. I also custom engraved a serial plate for the gun in Aurebesh.  

Wood DL-44 MountDL-44 Laser Engraved Plague

It's not perfect and screen accurate buffs will turn up their noses but I love it. Its got good heft and I love the sounds.  Just need to finish up the mount and it will be lovingly placed in my basement.

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