Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

A few months ago I purchased the starter pack for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures and I have been really happy with it.  I love strategy games to begin with and throwing in Star Wars just makes it perfect. I had been purchasing the old discontinued Star Wars Pocket Models from …

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The Wilds of Laurel Maryland

Wilds of Laurel

I just recently finished building my TBS Discovery quadcopter with a brushless gimbal.  I’ve been jealously watching videos from the west coast.  Between the beaches of California and the rock formations of Arizona, I’ve been feeling like Maryland just didn’t have anything comparable to offer.  Turns out, I just wasn’t …

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Shmoocon 2014 Barcode Shmarcode Winner!

Encom Badge Lit

I attended Shmoocon 2014 this weekend.  I had a blast!  I entered the Barcode Shmarcode contest for the first time and won!!!  For those of you not familiar with Shmoocon its a Information Security (hacker) conference held every year in Washington DC.  Barcode Shmarcode is a contest held to see …

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Winter Classic Coming to Washington DC!

Winter Classic Nationals Park

Looks like DC will be hosting the 2015 NHL Winter Classic.  The Washington Capitals will be hosting somebody, somewhere in DC. The opponent and location are still unknown. Rumor has it will be a Nationals park. Regardless, I’m ready to buy a ticket!!  I’ve wussed out from going to play …

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2013 Baltimore Grand Prix

Baltimore Grand Prix

I attended my first Grand Prix in Baltimore this year.  This year was the third annual Grand Prix.  For the past three years the streets of Baltimore have been walled off and fenced up to accommodate the race.  IndyCar and American Le Mans cars descend upon the city.  I had …

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