Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

A few months ago I purchased the starter pack for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures and I have been really happy with it.  I love strategy games to begin with and throwing in Star Wars just makes it perfect.

I had been purchasing the old discontinued Star Wars Pocket Models from WizKids at Five Below.  The price was right at $5, there were a lot of ships but the detail and scope of play was limited.  Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing Miniatures  has a lot less ships but the ships it does have are very detailed and well presented.  The rules offer a lot of different scenarios but the learning curve is very low.

The starter set can be had for $28 dollars from Amazon.  It includes an X-Wing and two Tie Fighters.  It also has all the required cards, dice and tokens to play the game.  For whats included its a pretty good value.

The game operates with a combination of ships, pilot cards, upgrades, movement tokens and dice.  Players pick a ship and a pilot.  That ship has a movement token that dictates which of the movement templates it is allowed to used.  When a player moves a ship they place the movement template in front of the ship and move the ship to the end of the template.  After movement players roll game specific dice to resolve hits based on the characteristics of their chose ships.  Hits are resolved with damage cards until a ships shields are gone and the ships hull has been destroyed.  The game is one when one player destroys all of the opponents ships.

Millennium Falcon      Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

The game tries to follow the movies with ship and pilot characteristics as you would expect.  A-Wings are fast and nimble but not very tough.  X-Wings are well balanced with good firepower and maneuverability.  Darth Vader is naturally one of the best pilots in the game and is able to pull off multiple maneuvers at once.  This allows players to combine ships and pilots to suit their playing style.  Additionally, ships can use upgrade cards to add extra abilities.  Options include things like R2D2, assault missiles and swarm tactics.

To keep things even each ship, pilot and upgrade has a point value.  Tournament rules specify that players choose a total of 100 points in ships, upgrades and pilots.  You can choose whatever combination you like.  You can go for five low cost tie fighters and hope to swarm your opponent.  Or you can go for two bigger Millennium Falcons for more assault power.

The rules work really well and the games are pretty quick.  X-Wing is considered a “light” strategy game but I find it just right.  That and the fact that Fantasy Flight Games continues to produce new ships keeps the game fresh and interesting.  In fact the latest releases are “huge” ships such as the Tantive IV.  More on it in upcoming blog posts.

If your looking for a fun game that you can pick up quickly I highly recommend X-Wing.  The fact that its Star Wars is just that much more of a plus.

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