Tacon Soar RC 1/14 Buggy

After sitting on the fence for months I finally broke down and bought a Tacon Soar Buggy.  I had been looking for a fast electric car that wasn’t too big for the cul de sac and could fit in a backpack.  I had been eyeing the Losi Mini 8ight but was really having a hard time justifying the $250 dollars for it.  Enter the Tacon Soar.  If its not a clone of the Mini 8ight then it at least came from the same family.  I ordered the brushless version from Amazon.com for $169.

Tacon Soar 1/14 RC Buggy

I have to say I have been nothing but pleased with the purchase. The car comes completed with a transmitter, battery and charger.  I had it up in running probably an hour after I opened the box including charge time.  Out of the box using the stock NiMH battery its pretty quick.  As a rough swag I’d put it at around 20 -25mph.  I haven’t driven RC cars for about 10 -15 year but it handles pretty well to me. On the stock batter I’m getting 8-10 minutes driving time.  The other feature I love, is the all frame on the bottom.  I plan to bash this thing so I’ll take all the support I can get.

Before purchase I read the reviews online comparing it to the Mini 8ight and the two downsides I could find were a lack of local parts support and weak spindles.  There are a lot of reports of the spindle snapping during the first run.  Most users report that after replacing the supplied spindles everything else is fine.  Other than that all signs pointed to this being a high quality alternative to the Mini 8ight for about $100 less.   Even the lack of parts support turned out not to be an issue.  I found an Ebay seller mandysminis2013 who sells parts and is about an hour from me.

Sure enough during the first couple of runs I snapped a spindle.  I purchased some replacements from my nearby vendor and everything has been good.  Not being satisfied with the stock speed I was looking for a speed upgrade.  I toyed with going the traditional route of upgrading to a 2S lipo but why be ordinary?  The stock esc is rated for a 3S battery and I had read reports of users having success with this setup.  After removing the stock battery tray my 3s 2200mah lipos fit inside the car well.  I swapped out the stock connector for a Deans and my upgrade was done.

Tacon Soar 1/14 RC Buggy2

Wow!  Like I said, it was pretty fast stock but its insane on 3s.  I can’t punch it from a dead stop without flipping the car.  In fact I have to ease it up to full speed.  In the video below you can see the full speed. In my cul de sac when I hit full speed I need a good 20 -30 feet to brake, skidding the whole way.  For the cost and effort you can’t beat the upgrade!  If your looking for small 4wd RC buggy look no further.




  1. Hi what brand is the battery and cost do you need to upgrade to brushless to work the lipo thanks

  2. Hi what brand is the battery and cost do you need to upgrade to brushless to work the lipo how long of run time do you get

  3. it is better if it is brushless and you can put a 2s lipo 3000mah or 2200 it will be great,you can try the traxxas or some other brand it will be around 20$

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