Google Glass Impressions

Google Glass

One of my wife’s coworkers purchased Google Glass and she got a chance to try it out.  Below are her thoughts:

I tried Google Glass today. A few observations:
– Start it by tapping
– When you are looking at someone wearing it, you can tell if they are recording or taking a picture. The light is much brighter when doing these activities. You can control it by voice, tapping the side of the headset, or by head motions. To set up a Wifi connection for Glass through the MyGlass site on your computer, or using the MyGlass app on an Android device. That makes it difficult to just jump on networks when you are out and about and are an iPhone user. The screen is tiny. I usually wearglasses so it was hard for me to read some of text because of the size. The menu is organized in a series of ‘notecards”. It has a mini USB jack and 12 GB of storage. 
– Video records for ten seconds
-Easy to share photos via wifi connection
-Java platform
– not many apps right now

I really want to like Google Glass but unfortunately as it stands now I’m hard pressed to find any practical value in it.  The hefty price tag doesn’t help either.  Plus, I can’t help but thinking of the gargoyles described in Neal Stephenson’s  1992 Snow Crash.  In his book he describes the gargoyles as people completely engrossed in wearable technology.  To the point that they fail to interact with the real world.  Sound familiar?  In his book these characters server more as comic relief. Its funny to see how the technology has caught up to his vision and the social impacts that has.  I’ve been guilty of being so engrossed in my smartphone that I ignore attempts by real people to interact with me.  Google Glass has even more potential to take us down that path. Don’t get me wrong I like the idea of Google Glass.  I just know how obsessive we are as a society with immersive technologies.

Here are a couple of articles I found on lamenting on the same concerns:

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