2013 Baltimore Grand Prix

Baltimore Grand Prix

I attended my first Grand Prix in Baltimore this year.  This year was the third annual Grand Prix.  For the past three years the streets of Baltimore have been walled off and fenced up to accommodate the race.  IndyCar and American Le Mans cars descend upon the city.  I had never been to a Grand Prix.  Hell, I have never been to a professional race of any sort.  When I went to pick up my tickets the drivers were doing test and qualifying runs.  The sound was incredible!  Without my tickets I had to peak through the fence.  Even without a clear view I was impressed.  The cars were powerful, beautiful and do I even need to say it…fast.

Grand Prix Fence

I brought the family up the next day.  I hadn’t realized when I bought the tickets that you needed to pay extra for grandstand seats.  Even without them there were plenty of spots along the fence to view the races.

Indy Car     IndyCar 1

I had purchased a paddock pass that allowed us to wander around the indoor its for each of the race teams.  Inside the pavilion was an almost carnival like atmosphere with rides and games for kids in addition to the pit teams.  The kids had a blast jumping around in a bunch of bouncy houses.  I had to almost drag them out to get back to the racing.

We managed to emerge and catch some qualifying runs for the IndyCar series.  Without bleacher passes we needed to improvise for a comfortable place to watch a race. Hotels in downtown Baltimore surround the racetrack.  One of the hotels had a glass skywalk that overlooked the track.  We found a number of other families camped out inside as well.  It gave us a nice vantage point for a Le Mans race.  The video footage I posted was all taken from the hotel skywalk.

SAM_0135        SAM_0129

The kids enjoyed the race and we each picked out favorite cars to root for.  I got raped at the gift pavilion where the kids got overpriced gifts they could have gotten at Toysrus for half the price.  They were happy though.  Overall, it was a great family outing and I plan to go back next year.

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