Derpin’ in DC

Ein Cowboy BeebopI took my son downtown to chase Pokemon and we found a bunch of Corgi’s. Turns out we wandered into Derpin’ in DC which is an annual huge meetup of Corgi’s and their owners. Of course I’m partial to Corgi’s because of my favorite Corgi Ein from Cowboy Beebop. Ein of course, is a genetically engineered Corgi with human like intelligence. Just like the ones downtown ;-).




There were tons of them and they were all adorable. My son not big on dogs and even he was digging it. Anyway, a good photographer never passes up an opportunity and I want to be a good photographer. Here’s how it came out. Let me know what you think.
Corgi Closeup     Sunset Beagle 

Corgi at Sunset  Corgis on the Bench

Three Corgis Roosevelt and Corgi

Photographing Corgis   Black and White Corgi

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