Winter Classic Coming to Washington DC!

Winter Classic Nationals Park

Looks like DC will be hosting the 2015 NHL Winter Classic.  The Washington Capitals will be hosting somebody, somewhere in DC. The opponent and location are still unknown. Rumor has it will be a Nationals park. Regardless, I’m ready to buy a ticket!!  I’ve wussed out from going to play in outdoor hockey tournaments but I guess I can man up and go sit outside to watch a game.

Still, just after the euphoria is the thought that I will have to watch the Capitals play an opponent on a very televised national stage.  I really want to like the Capitals but my faith in their ability to perform in pressure situations is nil.  However, considering my primary team the Buffalo Sabres suck even worse I should be optimistic.

So mark your calendar. In one year I will have an awesome  Winter Classic post with pics and video from the game!!! Go Caps!

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