San Diego California

I got a chance to go out to San Diego a few weeks ago. I took my drone and my camera. Totally worth it.  All I can say is, I’m extremely jealous of every Californian.  The weather is great.  The ocean views are superb and the laid back vibe is like digital jazz.

I managed to make it out to La Jolla and Sunset Cliffs. I caught sunsets at both.  I got drone footage at La Jolla because its outside the no fly zone.  Sunset Cliffs is to close to the airport so I couldn’t fly there. Both were cool for the camera. Unfortunately, both days were a bit overcast so I never got the exact shots I was looking for. Still, it was so worth it.  At Sunset Cliffs there were some people with a campfire and volley ball having a blast while the sun went down.  All I could think is, “they can do this every day????”.

Sunset Cliffs San Diego

La Jolla was great as well. There’s a guy in my video who was repeatedly jumping off the cliff.  I was scared just where I was filming at.  He was great.  He asked me if I got a good shot and offered to do it a couple of times until I got clean video.  Never would have happened on the east coast.

Sunset Cliffs San Diego

I also visited the USS Midway.  I’d visited the Yorktown in Charleston but this is a whole different scale of aircraft carrier.  Its mind boggling that its man made, floats and launches aircraft.

USS Midway San Diego

I had to get the traditional nighttime skyline shot. Its become a thing for me every time I visit a city. This was taken from Cornado Island.

San Diego Skyline at Night

Lastly,  a shot the hotel I stayed in.

Marriott Marquis San Diego
Anyway, enjoy the pics and the video.  If you have a house in San Diego and  you want somebody to house sit for a few weeks out there this summer, let me know ;-).

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