Aerial Video of Cincinnati Ohio

Union Station Cincinnati Ohio

On a recent trip home to the Queen City I took my quadcopter and gathered some video.  Cincinnati may not strike you as a picturesque location but it really is. It has a lot of beautiful architecture, a scenic riverfront and a great skyline.  My only regret is I couldn’t squeeze in video of more locations.

I did manage to get some good footage of Union Station.  Which is the inspiration for the Justice League Hall of Justice.  The Internet is a wonderful thing.  As a kid I always called Union Station the Hall of Justice. Its great to get some validation on that interpretation.

Union Station = Hall of Justice

Unfortunately, even the Hall of Justice needs help. Union Terminal is an endangered historical building.  It was recently featured on a CNN list of Top 10 most endangered historical buildings in the US.

Also on that same list and in my video is Music Hall in Cincinnati.  Though not prominently featured in any DC or Marvel comics, its also a beautiful building.  I would have loved to been able to fly inside and shoot some video.  Its even more gorgeous on the inside.  I remember attending some concerts there as a kid.

Enjoy the video. Next time your in Cincinnati snap a pic in front of Union Terminal and tell your friends you visited the Hall of Justice!


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