Patrick Kane Slums in Beer League

Patrick Kane decided to head back to Buffalo but no for the Sabres.  He made an appearance with the Piranhas of the Performax adult league.  Mr. Kane turned in a respectable 5 goals and 5 assists.  Ok, so we all know he was just having a good time and not going all out.

Partrick Kane Beer League

Patrick Kane Beer League Face Off







Patrick Kane Deke Beer League

I’d love to see what happens next in the shot above.   You know Kane is going around that guy.

I’m good with that but take a closer look at the the players in the background of the pics.  Except for the poor fools trying to defend against Kane everybody is standing around likely watching.  Don’t get me wrong if Patrick Kane shows up at my beer league game I’m probably watching too.  The only problem is I paid for that game and I want to skate.  Now, maybe this is just jealousy on my part because Patrick Kane never showed up at my rink.  Still, having seen what happens when one overly capable player takes over a beer league game, maybe not.

I might also be jaded because I’m a Buffalo Sabres fan and I know there is no way in hell he’s going to play with the Sabres.  Good on him for coming home and spending some time with the locals.

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