A Day at Six Flags America

Superman the Ride of Steel at Six Flags America

My family and I have season passes for Six Flags America in Maryland.  My wife is out of town with the kids and I took the opportunity to go and do something I love.  Ride roller coasters.  You can say what you want about Six Flags America but for the price its a great way to spend the day.  When you purchase season passes for a family its only $50 each.  Less if you find extra coupons.  A full price single day admission is $60.  Thats $240 for a family of four.  I paid $200 for season passes for my family of four.  We visit twice and it pays for itself.

No, it doesn’t have the caliber or rides or coasters as Kings Dominion or Hershey Park.  It is 30 minutes from my house and the kids that man the rides are extremely friendly.  The place gets bad reviews sometimes but I have yet to have a bad experience.

This trip I took a ride on Superman the Ride of Steel, Batwing, Apocalypse, Joker’s Jinx and the new Rajun Cajun. I had my GoPro with me and got video of each.  Superman is a great speed coaster. The first hill teases vertical and zero gee but doesn’t deliver. What it does deliver is a great view of the park and high speed thrills.

Joker’s Jinx is great.  The kids running it do a great job of keeping riders distracted until the magnetic acceleration launches the ride.  It was originally designed as a indoor coaster.  I think it looses a little bit of its thrill by being out in the daylight.  The ability to see whats coming next takes the surprise away.  Still, the sheer number of turns and change ups in tight space is always great fun.

Batwing is a unique thrill. The ride starts out by flipping you on your back to ascend the hill.  You then flip over to simulate hanging from a “Batwing”  There is a real sense of flying and speed on this coaster.  The loop throws pretty good gees.  The only issue is its just too short.

Apocalypse is…well nothing of the sort.  Its a stand up coaster themed after a apocalyptic world complete with a flame thrower.  Its short jerky and just not thrilling.  The loop is tame, the curves are lame and I really only rode it to get video.

Rajun Cajun is a new addition to the park this year.  Its funny to say that because the coaster is a throw back.  The coaster’s design is a nod to the old midway rides.  Instead of huge hills the ride generates thrills by flinging the rider toward the edge of the tracks and whipping them back from the edge.  Call a it a repeated, precarious view of the edge.  It works.  Its not as good as the Wild Mouse at Hershey Park but it works.  It also seem like a good option for a family with children.

As always I had a good time. I’ll go several more times this year.  If you haven’t been you should definitely go.


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