UFOs Over Laurel?

Laurel FIreworks UFO

This weekend I flew my quadcopter to film the annual 4th of July fireworks display in Laurel.  To keep things safe I stayed well clear of the crowds.  However, my quadcopter could still be seen in the air.  As people were leaving the show, several stopped to ask questions about my quadcopter.  They had seen it in the distance and several people initially thought it was a UFO.  My quadcopter has blue and red lights and was in a hover while it was filming so I get the UFO idea.

What was more interesting was that several people mentioned seeing a second UFO.  So naturally I figured it was another quadcopter filming.  But the next day I did a Google search for UFO over Laurel fireworks and got a good laugh.  After watching the videos of the “UFO” not only was it not a UFO but it was a quadcopter I recognized.  One of the managers at our local hobby shop Hobby Works has Blade 350QX with an LED rig that looks a lot like a UFO.  He’s even got it set so he can control the light remotely to make it look more like a UFO.  Based on the videos below it worked.  The best part of the videos are the  comments as people are filming the UFO.

There is a funny conversation between I assume to be a father and son in this one.  At one point the the son asks, why UFOs like fireworks?  The father jokingly replies because they think they are being attacked.

I can’t even summarize this one….you just have to watch and listen.  This lady even does a two a parter.  You have to listen to both.

I even found a posting on a UFO site:

UFO Stalker – In the comments on this one somebody realized it was a quadcopter and posted a link to my 4th of July fireworks video

UFO Hunters

Don’t get me wrong I’m all about UFOs and would love to see one.  I just think its amazing how quickly people can see what they think is a UFO, get the whole thing recorded and online in less than 24hrs.  Better yet its all searchable in that amount of time.

So for anybody who saw the quadcopters, sorry for the confusion!



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