2014 Laurel 4th of July Fireworks

Laurel 2014 4th of July Fireworks

Every year Laurel MD puts on a spectacular fireworks show over Laurel lake.  The fireworks are ordered from a company but the execution is handled by locals.  Its pretty impressive when you think about it.  Local volunteers build the launch tubes, the barges, stage the fireworks and execute the launch.  The Laurel volunteer fired department raises approximately $60K to put on the show.

Beyond the logistic details the show is gorgeous.  Its longer than the national one put on at the mall.  This year I took my TBS Discovery Semi-Pro out and got some aerial footage.  I’m actually surprised how stable a video platform it was.  With the GPS lock on it was in a dead hover.  I finally got my video transmitter rigged up so setting up the shot was easy. Enjoy.

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