Asteroids!! Adding 3D Scenery to your X-Wing Miniatures Game

If you have played a scenario in X-Wing Miniatures you have probably played with the asteroids.  The ones that come with the game are cardboard cutouts with a picture of an asteroid on them.  There are six included.  Players have to maneuver around the asteroids  and they do add some extra fun to the game.  However, cardboard asteroids are not the best visual aid.

You can spice your game up pretty easily by adding realistic looking asteroids.  I followed this guide and and came up with these:



There are other guides that will have you make them out of foam.  That technique looks like more effort and I don’t think the end result is as nice as the lava rock.

I’d love to tell you about how much time and effort I put into making them but it was pretty easy.  I purchased a bag of lava rocks from Lowes in the garden section.  I painted them gray and drilled a hole for the mounts.  The rocks drill surprisingly easily.  I purchased wood nickels from Michaels and drilled holes in those.  I used carbon fiber rod for the tubing and painted the mounts black.  Presto!  Instant asteroids.

X-Wing Asteroid and Ships   X-Wing Asteroid and Ships2

For the amount of time and money spent on making them I couldn’t be more pleased.  The asteroids remove easily from the stands and still fit in the little boxes I use to carry the rest of my X-Wing gear.  They also look great on the mats I had printed.

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