Star Wars X-Wing Custom Game Mat


X-Wing Game Mat

Now that I am loving my Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game, I wanted to enhance the experience.  I’ve seen custom game mats online.  Game mats bring a predefined 3’x3′ playing area and the space backdrops look great with the miniatures.  Being cheap like I am, I didn’t want to spend $38 – $45 that a lot of people making theses mats charge.

I read on the forum about custom printed mats from Buildasign.  The original poster found a coupon and got his for only $17. Unfortunately, I missed that deal but I was able to order a 3×3 vinyl mat for $22 shipped.

The ordering process was pretty painless.  I specified the size I wanted, uploaded and image and got a preview.  The only downside was that standard delivery took about two weeks.  When it arrived I was a little surprised to see that it had brass grommets in the corners. I had not ordered those. I called customer support and told them that I had ordered an unfinished mat.  The very friendly customer support rep said no problem, and they would ship me a replacement free of charge that week. True to her word the replacement arrived that week free of charge.

X-Wing Game Mat with ships          X-Wing Game Mat3

The print quality is a little pixelated but I think that had more to do with me not choosing a high enough quality image than anything.  Even with that it really makes the miniatures stand out and enhances game play.  For $22 I can’t complain.  If you want a mat for a not a lot of money I highly recommend it.

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